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Lady Lipstick - lip prints

Source: http://wylh.blogspot.com/2006/08/dont-try-this-at-home-kids.html

Lady Lipstick, lying naked on a bed. Her sexy lithe body covered all over in kiss marks in 13 different shades. Backstory? Hmmm... I can see her teaching a class of schoolgirls. Worn, dark wooden desks and chairs. Clean prim school uniforms pressed into them by thirteen warm little bottoms. Her is voice rising and falling in a rhythmic, hypnotic pattern, speaking passionately on a subject she is a master of. The girls are captivated, drawn into her enthusiasm and passion for the subject, staring breathless and unblinking at the front of the classroom, silently taking in her graceful, feline movements as she turns between the blackboard and the class. Straining forward in their seats. Rapt.

Maybe it's poetry. Her body twists and bends as she crams more words into a bottom corner of the board, effortlessly sensual, glowing. Silently and without being aware of it, the girls take in every sensual movement, anchored to the words she's stabbing out on the board. Love. Sensual. Meaning. Color. They don't notice, but they're all breathing slowly in time, syncopated with the rhythm of her speech. Deep rapport. As the mood builds it spreads forward to the front of the class. The rhythm of her speech slows slightly, and the breathing gets faster, and faster, and feeds back on itself again. Their bodies begin to breathe out pheromones that mingle in the air, and a thousand invisible, ancient animal communications come into sync. Suddenly it doesn't matter what she says, all the girls notice is the sweet sound of her voice and the sexy movement of her back as as she bends to and fro in front of the board. They begin to feel a delicate tingling, and silently thirteen little pairs of legs press together to squeeze the feeling higher...

Or maybe it didn't happen that way. Maybe it was one girl, one visit to a nightclub, and a tipsy, thrilling, playful fling with a young female beautician-in-training. Lady lipstick walks into a trendy, cosmopolitan bar, in a clinging, wispy dress and strappy shoes. Red lipstick, no gloss, dark eyeliner. Elegant. Her hair falls over her shoulders and down her back, the tail of her dress swinging slightly as she walks up to the bar. She smiles at the bartender, orders a cocktail. In the seat next to her a pretty blonde talks on a cell phone. She watches the other patrons in a mirror behind the bar. Three businessmen in a corner are playing dominoes. An older woman reads a newspaper. Her cocktail arrives, a green fruit-salad looking thing with an umbrella and a straw. Just as she's about to put the straw to her lips a voice beside her says


Before she realizes a slender hand appears and wipes a tiny smudge of lipstick from the corner of her mouth. She flinches half a step back and finds herself looking into a grinning blonde face. ''Perfect!'' Lady Lipstick raises her eyebrows. ''You had a smudgie'' explains the face, pantomiming wiping the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand, slightly abashed. She smiles again. ''I'm Katie''. A short, sudden silence hangs in the air. ''You know, I have the perfect color for you''...

And then there's the story I like best, of a sexy young woman home alone with a box of lipstick and a frisky playful mood, that is about to become a lovely piece of erotic art that is a sudden favorite of mine :-) Read about it at http://wylh.blogspot.com/. Oh, and girls *do* try this at home...


BTW, if anyone feels like continuing those stories, please do, and share your additions to them in the comments...

source: http://wylh.blogspot.com/2006/08/dont-try-this-at-home-kids.html

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Wet Your Lips Here

Blog of the wonderful, ravishing, sublime, radiant, graceful, delightful, gorgeous, captivating Lady Lipstick. (hint: go here)

link: http://wylh.blogspot.com/


wet your lips *here*

I believe Alanis Morisette put it best when she said 'spank me with the splintered ruler'. Holy Sweet Jumping Benji Lady Lipstick turns me on. Starting at the very beginning... (its a very good place to start). What I like about this blog:(1) It's sincere and beautiful in its intent. There's lot... [ read more >> ]


Lady Lipstick - lip prints

Lady Lipstick, lying naked on a bed. Her sexy lithe body covered all over in kiss marks in 13 different shades. Backstory? Hmmm... I can see her teaching a class of schoolgirls. Worn, dark wooden desks and chairs. Clean prim school uniforms pressed into them by thirteen warm little bottoms. He... [ read more >> ]


wylh - Gilding the Lily

The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy defines the phrase ''gilding the lily'':To adorn unnecessarily something that is already beautiful or perfectTo me, thats the perfect way to describe the sexy-as-all-hell closeups of her body art Lady Lipstick posted recently on her blog. Pure, wanton indugen... [ read more >> ]


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Freedom is a breathtakingly sexy photset by Lady Lipstick. Freedom riding on wings of butterflies. Sexuality, fagile, beautiful. And just.. playful, flirty. Wow. She's a girlRising from a shellRunning to spring....She's a rose in a lily's cloakShe can hide her charmsIt is her right there will ... [ read more >> ]



What follows is the first part of a story I'm working on, inspired by Angel and Lady Lipstick's wonderful 'Project Of A Hundred Kisses', (click the title to view the full text): Lady Lipstick and Angel step out into the warm evening of October 31st, Halloween 2006, just after sunset. Walking throu... [ read more >> ]

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