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Odette - ORGASMIC Lipstick Play

Source: http://clips4sale.com/studio/47000/Orgasmic-Lipstick-Play-Hd#4755311

Odette is a pretty blonde American girl who recently posted some very hot videos on her Clips4Sale store:

I bought a copy of the 3rd one.  Her description:
ORGASMIC Lipstick Play HD
In this red lipstick video, I presented myself with a challenge. Will I be able to apply my rich, red lipstick while I have a Hitachi wand on my sweet flower? Will I be able to hold back my orgasm long enough to coat my lips properly? Watch this video and find out if I can beat this challenge! Once I am done the challenge, watch me apply the red lipstick to my labia and clit. The gorgeous red color looks so good on my pussy lips...especially when I spread them. This is in HD.
Length: 5 minutes Price: $5.99
It's a very cute video (clips4sale has been on fire recently, who'd have guessed?).  There's so many things to like about how she plays - the way she's so careful to apply the lipstick neatly on her lips and pussy, the way she giggles as she does it, how her leg shakes as she brings herself to orgasm with the Hitachi.  Best of all - hearing her talk as she does.  She has a very sexy, girlish voice:
"My vagina's all excited now...  maybe I should do a little decorating on her after that.  Placing a lipstick around my pussy right now is going to feel so amazing.  Just... she's so sensitive. [quiet moaning and sighing] I'm so wet it's actually hard to apply. [giggle]  I feel pretty now."
There's no way to link to Clips4Sale items, but you can filter it to 'lipstick' using the search bar.  You can watch a preview here:


You might want to bump up the contrast and saturation a little in your player, though the lipstick she uses is a bright, vivid red and looks gorgeous however you watch it.  Definitely earned her store a spot in the sidebar :-)  This is quite a new store and there are only three OT clips now, but statistically you're reading this sometime in the future so there might well be more.  If you're reading this more than 100 years from the post date please consider instructing your robot to use your time machine to drop me a copy of 'The Complete Works of Odette'.  Your AC knows the coordinates.

source: http://clips4sale.com/studio/47000/Orgasmic-Lipstick-Play-Hd#4755311

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Clips4sale is an adult content marketplace where many amateurs and pro-ams sell lipstick fetish videos.

link: http://www.clips4sale.com/


The Magdalena - Lipstick Pussy HD

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Odette - ORGASMIC Lipstick Play

Odette is a pretty blonde American girl who recently posted some very hot videos on her Clips4Sale store:I bought a copy of the 3rd one.  Her description:ORGASMIC Lipstick Play HDIn this red lipstick video, I presented myself with a challenge. Will I be able to apply my rich, red lipsti... [ read more >> ]

the magdalena - clips4sale.com lipstick on nipples n pussy 1

The Magdalena - Lipstick Nipples n Pussy

She's back with a new clip store and more lipstick fetish videos!  Below is the free preview for a video released today, matching her lips, nipples and pussy to her scarlet dress.Click the image above for video preview, or enjoy the gif:Video is 134MB, 9 minutes long and s... [ read more >> ]

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