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OneClickChicks - Shiny Pink Foreplay

Source: http://forum.oneclickchicks.com/showthread.php?t=31924&highlight=lipstick

Sexy app shot from the forum oneclickchicks.com, from a zip file posted by the French Guy who took the photos. The full series shows her putting on her lipstick before going down on him, among other things. Many thanks to him!

oneclickchicks mini-50725472557253724872557246
You\'ll need to register with the forum to download the set, it\'s free and easy.

source: http://forum.oneclickchicks.com/showthread.php?t=31924&highlight=lipstick

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A place to add odd stuff that doesn`t need it`s own category.


russian 78 150

Lipstick Translated

Courtesy of the English Wiktionary, here's the word lipstick translated into 11 languages:Dutch: lippenstiftFinnish: huulipunaFrench: rouge à lèvres German: Lippenstift mGreek: κ?αγιόν nHebrew: שְׂפָתוֹן, ?וֹרֶ?Italian: rossetto mKurdish: soravPortuguese: batom mRussian: гу... [ read more >> ]


ShavedAngels - Shiny Lips

This is an old favorite. A pretty brunette girl strips out of a red dress and plays with herself on the bed. She's wearing blue eyeshadow and glossy red lipstick, on both sets of lips by the look. *smitten sigh* ... [ read more >> ]


Sofia - Smoking

One for the smoking fans. An attractive redhead wearing purplish lipgloss and smoking in the nude. I kinda like the way her roots are showing, it works.... [ read more >> ]

midwest mandy 010

Midwest Mandy - Pink

Pictures of the cute, fetching teen Midwest Mandy wearing a shiny pink. She's so adorable, I just want to give her a hug... well, not *just* a hug... ... [ read more >> ]

superglam - jenny - glam-15

SuperGlam.com - Jenny

Superglam.com has some *sweet* TGP galleries up (search ''superglam'' at AskJolene.com). In this set Jenny's wearing some bright red lipstick, which is lovely, what I really like about it though is in the one closeup at the end of the gallery, she's wearing pink lipgloss on her inner lips :-) She ... [ read more >> ]

We`re back

I've been moving the servers around here, so for those of you wondering why the site's been unavailable... sorry. Thanks to a DNS error this domain was pointing to another site for awhile. But it's all cleared up now... welcome back to lipstickstories.com... [ read more >> ]


SDDE-031 Reika Midou

I just came across this bukkake video and a description mentioning 'her body covered in lipstick art'. Looking at the thumbnails on the back cover, it seems she's a Japanese schoolgirl who applies lipstick, paints her nipples and writes all over her body before getting into a hot MFM threesome.I'd... [ read more >> ]

teenrotica - marina 11

Teenrotica - Marina in Pink

Stunning girl perfectly done up in pink, summery makeup, stripping out of matching clothes and posing. Lovely. ... [ read more >> ]

twistys - 12

Twistys - Crystal Klein

mmmmm... bronze.... [ read more >> ]

ls google trend graph

Google Trends

Google trends is a service where you can chart the popularity of a search term for research on, say opinion of a stock or the relative popularity of TV shows. Guess what I searched for?The graph shows searches for the term 'lipstick'', the peaks are marked with flags which reference snippets of his... [ read more >> ]

Applying gloss on *all* her lips

Check out this description of a pay-per-view video starring one Layla Rivera:Kiss my Lips. We walk in on Layla lying naked on the couch as she applies her lip stick. In a playful mood she also applies the lip stick to her pussy lips and then sticks the applicator up her ass. She teasingly makes pout... [ read more >> ]

teasing 2


This series shows a pretty teenage girl (with pigtails, *sweet*) stripping out of a white top and thong, and playing with her makeup. She really is a tease; she's just posing with her lipstick, she doesn't apply it anywhere. May be a repost, if so, it's still worth a look :-)... [ read more >> ]

cute overload 02

Cute Overload - Bubble Butt

My bet is that there's a girls hockey team somewhere that has her as a bubbly lesbian member who seduces the other side's goalie in the showers. File this one under pink.... [ read more >> ]

onceclickchicks purple 50620762

OneClickChicks - Purple

Another from oneclickchicks.com, shiny, girly purple. There's a zip containing a few more, as well as her in and out of her underwear, but you'll have to register. ... [ read more >> ]

bambi 01

Bambi - Red

Meanwhile, back in the world of mainstream pornstars - young, beautiful, blonde, airbrushed and called Bambi. Here's a set that's red. And glossy. Very red and glossy. Oh my... ... [ read more >> ]

SHadowdancer Photography

Shadowdancer Photography

''Moments fleet, taste so sweetWithin the rapture;When precious flesh is greedily consumed.''Dan Fogelberg Shadowdancer (Lucas Hopkins) does sensual nude and erotic photography, and its well worth a visit.... [ read more >> ]

cavr lipstick

Searching Porn Libraries

And when you're out there, without care, yeah, I was out of touch. But it wasn't because I didn't know enough. And I'm back. The ever incredible Lady Lipstick has been posting away in the meantime, leaving me reeling and intoxicated as if I've had too much to think. And, now I'm here, I've bee... [ read more >> ]

lipstick body art and dancing

Lipstick Body Art, Dancing

Googling the phrase 'lipstick body art' turned up a Russian business called Golden Dolls, which sounds a bit like a retirement home to me but it's a strip club. From the menu: I've never seen 'lipstick body art' at a strip club before, I'm glad someone thought to offer it. The menu doesn't give an... [ read more >> ]

aimee sweet06 19

Red App - Aimee Sweet

Aimee sweet applies a bright red, then strips out of her leopard print lingerie for the camera. Very nice shade of red. ... [ read more >> ]

oneclickchicks mini-50545454555453544954475476

OneClickChicks - Shiny Pink Foreplay

Sexy app shot from the forum oneclickchicks.com, from a zip file posted by the French Guy who took the photos. The full series shows her putting on her lipstick before going down on him, among other things. Many thanks to him! You\'ll need to register with the forum to download the set, it\'s fre... [ read more >> ]


A Brief Tour of Photosight.ru

Couple weeks ago Leopards00 posted a very sexy photo of a girl with smeared lipstick blowing a kiss over at the LFF. A brief tour of photosight.ru shows a trove of arty/softcore lipstick pics. Google SearchGoogle search is for помада (pomáda), since it doesn't turn up Leopards00s pics, ther... [ read more >> ]


Back - Liz Vicious

Lipstickstories.com is dead. Long live Lipstickstories.com! We're back - with a brand new server. The previous one died. Dead. Like Bill Gates. Sorry about the extended outage. Plenty of great stuff has been going on in the meantime though, such as this app set by Liz Vicious hot off the aggr... [ read more >> ]

Emma Grant - Upskirt the Movie

Upskirt The Movie

Looks like one to see... From the Press Release (Official Website):Julia, a forty-something madam, runs a fetish salon called “Fetish and Fantasy? in a Sydney town house. “Fetish and Fantasy? is a unique establishment, a no sex, no nudity salon; it is not a dungeon, and does not offer the u... [ read more >> ]

Announcing the Lipstick Aggregator

This has been in development for awhile now, and with special thanks to Lady Lipstick, LL and Wolfboy it's ready to open.http://www.lipstickstories.com/aggregator.phpSouthern Charms: the aggregator can generate update notices from your Photo Updates page and add them to the feed. I'd love to help ... [ read more >> ]


Andys Collection - Vitalia

Back once again after a long hiatus, and kicking it off with Vitalia; Model_O07 at Andy's collection. She's wearing a red jacket and sitting over a mirror which she uses to apply a bright red lipstick, first to her lips and then to her clit and labia. From the description:She playfully masturbate... [ read more >> ]


Felicity Fey - Deep Reds

I came across a Felicity Fey post on another board, the reds this girl wears are amazing:... [ read more >> ]

kinky japanese teen paints her shaved labia with lipstick

Treasure Hunt - Kinky Japanese Teen

The trailer for this links All Japanese Pass, but I can't find it there.  In the clip the girl appears to be writing a letter and making kiss prints on it, then she shaves her pussy and is about to apply lipstick to her labia when the preview ends.  Anyone know their Japanese porn star... [ read more >> ]

96211 melissaschumanglenncampbe125

Melissa Schuman in Red

Lips Wizard recently posted some high-res Melissa Schuman pics to the LFF board. They're very very very hot. Thank you Wizz :-)... [ read more >> ]


Marquis Models - Tiffany Toth

Too darn cute.A little housekeeping: Have added a feature to exclude some posts from the RSS feed. This is to prevent reposts/off-topic stuff from being copied to the lipstickfetish.org boards. The aggregator is offline, and will stay that way for awhile while I figure out what to do with it. ... [ read more >> ]

smearing vp004

Redhead Smearing Video

This isn't really my thing, I'm posting it anyway because I'm sure someone will enjoy it. It's a set of clips from a messy BJ video in which the redhead has thick red lipstick on and the guy smudges it all over her face with his George W. It would be *really* sexy if it looked less like the guy w... [ read more >> ]


DaGFs.com - Grapes and Smeared Pink

Something a little different.  This is a short tube video of an Asian girl lying on a couch and being fed grapes by the cameraman.  He paints her lips with a thick coat of a glossy pink color (our resident expert thinks it's Yardely Supermoist Watermelon), not very skillfully, then s... [ read more >> ]


Caprice - Rouge a Levres

The title says it all.  Except that she's pretty.  Very, very pretty. ... [ read more >> ]


For Commonsense Magazine by Ellen Untworth

An arty, grungy 80's looking set from a print magazine.  Dioni Tabbers and Hana Jirickova dressed in makeup and bracelets.  The last picture is a black and white shot of a blonde girl with a lipstick print on one nipple and a heart drawn around the other, while she shares a lollipop with h... [ read more >> ]


erousal - Caught in the net

Came across this exhibitionist post on blogspot, more pictures at the link above:Last night I went out for a beer wearing a fishnet top under a sweater.I put red lipstick on my nipples and pulled on them through the netting for a while before I went out, so I guess I can't really blame it on the b... [ read more >> ]

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