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DaGFs.com - Grapes and Smeared Pink

Something a little different.  This is a short tube video of an Asian girl lying on a couch and being fed grapes by the cameraman.  He paints her lips with a thick coat of a glossy pink color (our resident expert thinks it's Yardely Supermoist Watermelon), not very skillfully, then s... [ read more >> ]


Felicity Fey - Deep Reds

I came across a Felicity Fey post on another board, the reds this girl wears are amazing:... [ read more >> ]


A Brief Tour of Photosight.ru

Couple weeks ago Leopards00 posted a very sexy photo of a girl with smeared lipstick blowing a kiss over at the LFF. A brief tour of photosight.ru shows a trove of arty/softcore lipstick pics. Google SearchGoogle search is for помада (pomáda), since it doesn't turn up Leopards00s pics, ther... [ read more >> ]

... [ read more >> ]

Natali & Zedd in Icecream Sunday

This is sexy :-) From the blurb: Alternative Girls Natali & Zedd dance together, put on lipstick and eat icecream in this grainy but sensual arthouse music video.Thanks to Lipsync for posting this to the LFF board.You can see more of these two on their MySpace profile... [ read more >> ]

96211 melissaschumanglenncampbe125

Melissa Schuman in Red

Lips Wizard recently posted some high-res Melissa Schuman pics to the LFF board. They're very very very hot. Thank you Wizz :-)... [ read more >> ]

605 web1lowrezParaBesarteMejor4

Para Besarte y Acariciarte Mejor

A couple weeks ago IL Lurker posted a link on LFF to a clip of Jessica Lagunas' 'Para besarte mejor' an artistic commentary - I believe - on how women perceive themselves and beauty. ''the Imagining Ourselves project has to do more with who we are than how we “look?. Which leads me to question,... [ read more >> ]

... [ read more >> ]


Mary Kay Virtual Makeover

Lucifertje posted this today on the LFF board. I love these things :-) Have a play... ps: this girl has the cutest freckles on her nose. *grin*... [ read more >> ]

... [ read more >> ]


Black and Red

I short teaser set of 15 images, shows Nicole in a black top, ankle length dress and deep red lipstick. She's posing in an empty room with a wooden floor and bars on the window. ... [ read more >> ]


Red Lipstick (longer version)

Cute little teaser set (9 pics) from the free section, shows Anna applying red lipstick in a mirror, then posing impishly on the counter. She's wearing a red top and black skirt, the lipstick looks like it's the exact same one she used in the 'Lady in Red' series, so we all know where it's been :-... [ read more >> ]

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