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Glossy Shining Lips - European Kink

Somebody likes my blog :-)  I don't speak Swedish, but I like the cut of his jib.... [ read more >> ]

Announcing the Lipstick Aggregator

This has been in development for awhile now, and with special thanks to Lady Lipstick, LL and Wolfboy it's ready to open.http://www.lipstickstories.com/aggregator.phpSouthern Charms: the aggregator can generate update notices from your Photo Updates page and add them to the feed. I'd love to help ... [ read more >> ]


A Brief Tour of Photosight.ru

Couple weeks ago Leopards00 posted a very sexy photo of a girl with smeared lipstick blowing a kiss over at the LFF. A brief tour of photosight.ru shows a trove of arty/softcore lipstick pics. Google SearchGoogle search is for помада (pomáda), since it doesn't turn up Leopards00s pics, ther... [ read more >> ]

VLC Media Player

HOWTO save MMS streams NORSS

Thanks to doublefusion for recently posting some teasers to Jill Kelly's movie 'Lipstick Lingerie and Lesbians'. Some were wondering how to view/save the files, the easy way is with VLC (Video Lan Client - get it here). It's pretty excellent software, I recommend it for its own sake, and open sour... [ read more >> ]

russian 78 150

Lipstick Translated

Courtesy of the English Wiktionary, here's the word lipstick translated into 11 languages:Dutch: lippenstiftFinnish: huulipunaFrench: rouge à lèvres German: Lippenstift mGreek: κ?αγιόν nHebrew: שְׂפָתוֹן, ?וֹרֶ?Italian: rossetto mKurdish: soravPortuguese: batom mRussian: гу... [ read more >> ]

cavr lipstick

Searching Porn Libraries

And when you're out there, without care, yeah, I was out of touch. But it wasn't because I didn't know enough. And I'm back. The ever incredible Lady Lipstick has been posting away in the meantime, leaving me reeling and intoxicated as if I've had too much to think. And, now I'm here, I've bee... [ read more >> ]

lipstick body art and dancing

Lipstick Body Art, Dancing

Googling the phrase 'lipstick body art' turned up a Russian business called Golden Dolls, which sounds a bit like a retirement home to me but it's a strip club. From the menu: I've never seen 'lipstick body art' at a strip club before, I'm glad someone thought to offer it. The menu doesn't give an... [ read more >> ]

... [ read more >> ]


Mary Kay Virtual Makeover

Lucifertje posted this today on the LFF board. I love these things :-) Have a play... ps: this girl has the cutest freckles on her nose. *grin*... [ read more >> ]

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