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Ren Hang - photographer

Ren Hang posts some interesting pics on his tumblr. Via jaynelovesdick. ... [ read more >> ]

kinky japanese teen paints her shaved labia with lipstick

Treasure Hunt - Kinky Japanese Teen

The trailer for this links All Japanese Pass, but I can't find it there.  In the clip the girl appears to be writing a letter and making kiss prints on it, then she shaves her pussy and is about to apply lipstick to her labia when the preview ends.  Anyone know their Japanese porn star... [ read more >> ]

The Face Of Porn

A documentary short about makeup in porn, produced by Marika Gutmann.  Hat tip to /u/MyRudeAccount at the MakeupFetish Subreddit. ... [ read more >> ]

garrysgirls girsty in stockings and lipstick dpp_0145

Garrysgirls.com - Kirsty

Garry's on a roll this week, adding three new sets featuring pretty young blonde women playing with lipstick.  First up is Kirsty, in and out of her leopard print dress, rolling around on a bed in stockings and suspenders and playing with a tube of Rimmel lipstick.  The shade is called... [ read more >> ]


Felicity Fey - Deep Reds

I came across a Felicity Fey post on another board, the reds this girl wears are amazing:... [ read more >> ]

the magdalena - clips4sale.com lipstick on nipples n pussy 1

The Magdalena - Lipstick Nipples n Pussy

She's back with a new clip store and more lipstick fetish videos!  Below is the free preview for a video released today, matching her lips, nipples and pussy to her scarlet dress.Click the image above for video preview, or enjoy the gif:Video is 134MB, 9 minutes long and s... [ read more >> ]


Garrysgirls.com - Aston in Pink Knickers and Heels

Another fun set from Garry's site - his description: Aston is a pretty young model from the midlands although surprisingly it isn't Aston. Aston is very cute and a delight to work with although she has problems putting lipstick on, it ended up all over her nipples. (187 Images in set)A... [ read more >> ]


Crazybabe.com - Indigo Augustine does her lipstick

Indigo is naked and fooling around with a lollipop in her room at the Holday Hotel.  She does her lipstick:She's feeling a little frisky and she does her other lips:And then she *does* her lipstick:And admires her pretty red lips in the mirror:The full set of 853 (!) photos is a... [ read more >> ]


Henry Hargreaves - Scanner Photoshoot

Something a little different, a photoshoot with a scanner.  Interesting to see art made this way, since it has almost no depth of field everything is going to be a closeup.  As always, click the title for the rest of the set, or find the source below.The nipples are a nice touch :-) ... [ read more >> ]


Treasure Hunt - LiiLii and Asphxyiah

Want to play internet detective?  There's a photgrapher I like, Dave Dawson, I was looking through his tumblr archives and found this:A little digging around turned up two more from the same set:Dave shoots for a lot of different sites, so I don't know where you can find this one, but the m... [ read more >> ]


Garrys Girls - Abi In Her Office

Garrys site has been rolling along recently, featuring several OT updates in the past few weeks.  He kindly shared some previews of his recent shoot with Abi.  In his words:Here [Abi] is in her office doing just what she shouldn't be doing in her tight fitting skirt and b... [ read more >> ]


Caprice - Rouge a Levres

The title says it all.  Except that she's pretty.  Very, very pretty. ... [ read more >> ]


Odette - ORGASMIC Lipstick Play

Odette is a pretty blonde American girl who recently posted some very hot videos on her Clips4Sale store:I bought a copy of the 3rd one.  Her description:ORGASMIC Lipstick Play HDIn this red lipstick video, I presented myself with a challenge. Will I be able to apply my rich, red lipsti... [ read more >> ]


Garrys Girls - Vixen in Seamed Stockings and Red Lipstick

From the description on Garry's site:Vixen is posing on a sofa showing off her black fully fashioned stockings. She is also wearing a jacket and skirt with a white blouse underneath. The little minx forgot to wear any knickers but did remember to wear her 6 inch heels. Vixen finds som... [ read more >> ]

sasha milk lipstick 35

Sasha Love and Katie in Red

A few more from Sasha Love and Katie, shared at the lipstick fetish forum.  Always hot :-)... [ read more >> ]


Tumblr - Stuff in My Vagina

Tumblr is growing on me.  Really it is, and it's encouraging to see kinky lipstick pics that lots of people 'like' and reblog.  As always I could do without the anal business, but I'm sure there's people who enjoy it, and those sweet red lips more than compensate :-)Hooray for playful, a... [ read more >> ]


Observator on ImageFap

Regular readers may have noticed that Observator's site is no longer listed in the sidebar.  It seems to have died :-(  Fortunately, we can still enjoy his excellent taste in lipstick pictures over at his ImageFap galleries - 150 of them and counting.  A preview from Women in Lips... [ read more >> ]


A Brief Tour of Photosight.ru

Couple weeks ago Leopards00 posted a very sexy photo of a girl with smeared lipstick blowing a kiss over at the LFF. A brief tour of photosight.ru shows a trove of arty/softcore lipstick pics. Google SearchGoogle search is for помада (pomáda), since it doesn't turn up Leopards00s pics, ther... [ read more >> ]


Andys Collection - Vitalia

Back once again after a long hiatus, and kicking it off with Vitalia; Model_O07 at Andy's collection. She's wearing a red jacket and sitting over a mirror which she uses to apply a bright red lipstick, first to her lips and then to her clit and labia. From the description:She playfully masturbate... [ read more >> ]


Marquis Models - Tiffany Toth

Too darn cute.A little housekeeping: Have added a feature to exclude some posts from the RSS feed. This is to prevent reposts/off-topic stuff from being copied to the lipstickfetish.org boards. The aggregator is offline, and will stay that way for awhile while I figure out what to do with it. ... [ read more >> ]


Lady Lipstick - lip prints

Lady Lipstick, lying naked on a bed. Her sexy lithe body covered all over in kiss marks in 13 different shades. Backstory? Hmmm... I can see her teaching a class of schoolgirls. Worn, dark wooden desks and chairs. Clean prim school uniforms pressed into them by thirteen warm little bottoms. He... [ read more >> ]

teasing 2


This series shows a pretty teenage girl (with pigtails, *sweet*) stripping out of a white top and thong, and playing with her makeup. She really is a tease; she's just posing with her lipstick, she doesn't apply it anywhere. May be a repost, if so, it's still worth a look :-)... [ read more >> ]



What follows is the first part of a story I'm working on, inspired by Angel and Lady Lipstick's wonderful 'Project Of A Hundred Kisses', (click the title to view the full text): Lady Lipstick and Angel step out into the warm evening of October 31st, Halloween 2006, just after sunset. Walking throu... [ read more >> ]

bambi 01

Bambi - Red

Meanwhile, back in the world of mainstream pornstars - young, beautiful, blonde, airbrushed and called Bambi. Here's a set that's red. And glossy. Very red and glossy. Oh my... ... [ read more >> ]

onceclickchicks purple 50620762

OneClickChicks - Purple

Another from oneclickchicks.com, shiny, girly purple. There's a zip containing a few more, as well as her in and out of her underwear, but you'll have to register. ... [ read more >> ]

linda ashley09

LipstickLesbo.com - Linda & Ashley

A set of two beautiful teen girls with glossy, shiny lipstick getting undressed, making out and generally being sexy on a beige couch. Maybe I should get a beige couch. Big images, well produced - good lighting, etc - enjoy. ... [ read more >> ]


ShavedAngels - Shiny Lips

This is an old favorite. A pretty brunette girl strips out of a red dress and plays with herself on the bed. She's wearing blue eyeshadow and glossy red lipstick, on both sets of lips by the look. *smitten sigh* ... [ read more >> ]

midwest mandy 010

Midwest Mandy - Pink

Pictures of the cute, fetching teen Midwest Mandy wearing a shiny pink. She's so adorable, I just want to give her a hug... well, not *just* a hug... ... [ read more >> ]


Sofia - Smoking

One for the smoking fans. An attractive redhead wearing purplish lipgloss and smoking in the nude. I kinda like the way her roots are showing, it works.... [ read more >> ]

aimee sweet06 19

Red App - Aimee Sweet

Aimee sweet applies a bright red, then strips out of her leopard print lingerie for the camera. Very nice shade of red. ... [ read more >> ]


Livejournal - The Beautiful Vestige & Molly

Hat tip to PsychedelicKiss for this one, oleanderapathy posted a set in the gothic_babes livelournal group of these two girls. Lovely pictures, well worth a look. Sexy print :-)... [ read more >> ]

ftv app 3

FTVGirls - Gloss App

Here's a few stills from a gloss app clip from FTVGirls.com, kinda short, and still hot. And I figured out how to make stills. Hooray! ... [ read more >> ]

Applying gloss on *all* her lips

Check out this description of a pay-per-view video starring one Layla Rivera:Kiss my Lips. We walk in on Layla lying naked on the couch as she applies her lip stick. In a playful mood she also applies the lip stick to her pussy lips and then sticks the applicator up her ass. She teasingly makes pout... [ read more >> ]

brittany andrews

CrazyBabe.com - Brittany Andrews

Tantalised by what I've found so far, I bought a 7 day trial to CrazyBabe.com. It's excellent, lots of high quality shots of beautiful girls in lipstick. Finally have the rest of that set where Sasha Monet applies dark red in the mirror and then leaves a set of lip prints on a piece of paper... [ read more >> ]

marys home movies 1 Ag0293 25

Mary`s Home Movies

A TGP gallery from maryshomemovies.com showing a young woman posing naked on a bed with all her lips done up in matching pink lipstick. Honest, unairbrushed, girl-next-door kind of porn. Dig the little smudges on the inside of her thighs :-) ... [ read more >> ]

cute overload 02

Cute Overload - Bubble Butt

My bet is that there's a girls hockey team somewhere that has her as a bubbly lesbian member who seduces the other side's goalie in the showers. File this one under pink.... [ read more >> ]


wylh - Freedom

Freedom is a breathtakingly sexy photset by Lady Lipstick. Freedom riding on wings of butterflies. Sexuality, fagile, beautiful. And just.. playful, flirty. Wow. She's a girlRising from a shellRunning to spring....She's a rose in a lily's cloakShe can hide her charmsIt is her right there will ... [ read more >> ]


wylh - Gilding the Lily

The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy defines the phrase ''gilding the lily'':To adorn unnecessarily something that is already beautiful or perfectTo me, thats the perfect way to describe the sexy-as-all-hell closeups of her body art Lady Lipstick posted recently on her blog. Pure, wanton indugen... [ read more >> ]


wet your lips *here*

I believe Alanis Morisette put it best when she said 'spank me with the splintered ruler'. Holy Sweet Jumping Benji Lady Lipstick turns me on. Starting at the very beginning... (its a very good place to start). What I like about this blog:(1) It's sincere and beautiful in its intent. There's lot... [ read more >> ]

teenrotica - marina 11

Teenrotica - Marina in Pink

Stunning girl perfectly done up in pink, summery makeup, stripping out of matching clothes and posing. Lovely. ... [ read more >> ]

les pp10

LipstickLesbo.com - Pink

This TGP gallery shows two teens making out and then kissing each other all over. Both nicely made up and with shiny pink lipstick. ... [ read more >> ]


Red Lipstick (small version)

Cute little teaser set (9 pics) from the free section, shows Anna applying red lipstick in a mirror, then posing impishly on the counter. She's wearing a red top and black skirt, the lipstick looks like it's the exact same one she used in the 'Lady in Red' series, so we all know where it's been :-... [ read more >> ]

eva henger 30

Eva Henger Gallery

I have LipstickFan to thank for turning me on to this girl. Eva Henger was Miss Teen Hungary in 1990, when she was 17, and went on to make a name for herself in Italy as a model, stripper and porn actress.Did I mention that she's hot? Really hot. And she likes playing around with lipstick... ... [ read more >> ]


Nicole Star - App Pic

Nicole in a white outfit and black boots applying lipstick and gloss in front of a bathroom mirror.... [ read more >> ]

Lady In Red

This is the public teaser page for what is one of my favourite galleries on the web. And I've seen thousands.In the memebrs section Anna applies red lipstick to her lips, then her nipples, she writes the world LUST across her torso and draws a heart around her navel.Then she takes the lipstick and ... [ read more >> ]

Tanya Tarasof - Body Painting!

Things that make me happy: - kittens - lying in bed on a stormy morning and reading a book - dancing - pages like theseThis is a short set of 10 pictures of Tanya doing her makeup and then painting a face on her chest with lipstick, using her nipples as eyes. It's great when girls take such a fun,... [ read more >> ]


You know what it`s time for - A sexy party...

Here's a gallery of photos from isexu.com's Lipstick and Legs party, sounds like fun to me. ... [ read more >> ]

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