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OneClickChicks - Purple

Another from oneclickchicks.com, shiny, girly purple. There's a zip containing a few more, as well as her in and out of her underwear, but you'll have to register.

onceclickchicks purple 50620762
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OneClickChicks - Shiny Pink Foreplay

Sexy app shot from the forum oneclickchicks.com, from a zip file posted by the French Guy who took the photos. The full series shows her putting on her lipstick before going down on him, among other things. Many thanks to him!

oneclickchicks mini-50725472557253724872557246
You\'ll need to register with the forum to download the set, it\'s free and easy.
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Mary`s Home Movies

A TGP gallery from maryshomemovies.com showing a young woman posing naked on a bed with all her lips done up in matching pink lipstick. Honest, unairbrushed, girl-next-door kind of porn. Dig the little smudges on the inside of her thighs :-)

marys home movies 2 Ag0293 31
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Lipstick Translated

Courtesy of the English Wiktionary, here's the word lipstick translated into 11 languages:

Dutch: lippenstift
Finnish: huulipuna
French: rouge à lèvres
German: Lippenstift m
Greek: κ?αγιόν n
Hebrew: שְׂפָתוֹן, ?וֹרֶ?
Italian: rossetto m
Kurdish: sorav
Portuguese: batom m
Russian: губна? помада (gubnája pomáda)
Spanish: lápiz labial

According to Technorati's April 2006 State of the Blogosphere report, English is the second most common language for blog posts, less than a third of the total. I don't have numbers for the internet at large, but I imagine the proportions are simmilar.

(source: sifry.com)

English speakers are largely unaware of the scale of, say, the Russian web. We don't generally type Russian or Chinese characters into search engines or follow links we can't read. But it's there, and there's an enormous ammount of content, which means there's likely a lot of lipstick fetish stuff out there hidden behind the invisible wall of language.

Here's a result from a search for губна? помада. Promising, no?

russian 78 150
(source: photophobia.ru)
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Cute Overload - Bubble Butt

My bet is that there's a girls hockey team somewhere that has her as a bubbly lesbian member who seduces the other side's goalie in the showers. File this one under pink.

cute overload 02
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The web's longest running community of men and women who share a passion for the painted female mouth.

The makeup fetish subreddit.

Garrys Girls - Kinky British Girls

The Magdalena's clip store. She is great with requests. Search for 'lipstick' to filter on topic.

Odette's clip store. Search for 'lipstick' to filter on topic.

Clips from Oliya, Sasha Love, Katie. Search for 'lipstick', or skip to the end to find the good stuff.

A kindred spirit.

Glossy Shining Lips

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Lipstick Lust - Adam's lipstick fetish site.