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Teenrotica - Marina in Pink

Stunning girl perfectly done up in pink, summery makeup, stripping out of matching clothes and posing. Lovely.

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SDDE-031 Reika Midou


I just came across this bukkake video and a description mentioning 'her body covered in lipstick art'. Looking at the thumbnails on the back cover, it seems she's a Japanese schoolgirl who applies lipstick, paints her nipples and writes all over her body before getting into a hot MFM threesome.

I'd love to know that the title is, anyone read kanji? I dont think bukkake is legal where I live, so I wont order the DVD, may yet find it streaming somewhere.

Any tips always welcome :-) [ source] [ permalink >> ]

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Natali & Zedd in Icecream Sunday

This is sexy :-) From the blurb:

Alternative Girls Natali & Zedd dance together, put on lipstick and eat icecream in this grainy but sensual arthouse music video.

Thanks to Lipsync for posting this to the LFF board.

You can see more of these two on their MySpace profile [ source] [ permalink >> ]

We`re back

I've been moving the servers around here, so for those of you wondering why the site's been unavailable... sorry. Thanks to a DNS error this domain was pointing to another site for awhile. But it's all cleared up now... welcome back to lipstickstories.com [ source] [ permalink >> ]

Melissa Schuman in Red

Lips Wizard recently posted some high-res Melissa Schuman pics to the LFF board. They're very very very hot.

96211 melissaschumanglenncampbe125

Thank you Wizz :-) [ source] [ permalink >> ]

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