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Marvelous with Jesse Jane

This is the best erotic movie I have seen in a long time. Classy, sensual, beautifully directed by Celeste. In the third scene Jesse Jane finds Codi Milo tied to a grating and some sexy lipstick play ensues. Jesse takes a fuscia lipstick and paints her own lips, then kisses Codi, does Codi's nipples and then runs it around Codi's lower lips. My kind of porno :-)

The link on this post points to blissbox.com, for no good reason, there are other places to get this movie.

Marvellous - Front imgVDF6588

From Geoffery Beaumont's review:

Celeste is one of those adult directors worth their weight in gold. This is another breathtakingly beautiful piece of erotica. It's set in a stately home and has an excellent classical score that accompanies the action. And what great action there is! Texan blonde Jesse Jane appears in most of the scenes and starts off being seduced and fucked on the staircase, giving a hot, slo-mo BJ and then being taken doggy and reverse cow. Jesse soon joins a redhead who has been fingering herself and Jesse smears the redheads pink parts with lipstick and then licks her out.

I'll probably put up some screencaps in a couple days, when I get round to figuring out how. *grin*
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You know what it`s time for - A sexy party...

Here's a gallery of photos from isexu.com's Lipstick and Legs party, sounds like fun to me.

sexy party

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Black and Red

I short teaser set of 15 images, shows Nicole in a black top, ankle length dress and deep red lipstick. She's posing in an empty room with a wooden floor and bars on the window.


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Makeover - by Emery

This story has a strange, BDSM catfighting thing going on here. Whatever the character's motivations, you'll like this scene:

The girls stood across from each other, about five feet apart, their legs slightly spread in a confrontational stance. 'What’s your next move?' she demanded.
It was deathly quiet inside the bathroom. Jessica’s heel sounded like a hammer blow, as she took a step toward her rival. She twisted the stick of lipstick in her hand, making it grow longer, a dark red phallic symbol extended threateningly toward her rival. Slightly hesitant now, Alicia did the same, taking a step toward her rival, as well. The two women’s eyes locked in what was starting to look more and more like hatred, the kind of sick, sexual hatred that both women had experienced a few times in their lives before with other girls. Both knew suddenly that what was between them was not going to end with anything but the dirtiest conclusion.
Alicia suddenly became very aware that she was wearing white panties that day, as Jessica’s hand slipped underneath her skirt with the lipstick, and pressed home its point against her crotch. The redhead gasped, her cunt twitching in surprise, but the brunette was not seeking to penetrate her with the lipstick. Neither was she gentle, however, as she traced the lips of her rival’s vulva with the crimson lipstick, nearly buckling the redhead’s legs. Alicia drew in a shuddering breath, feeling the outline of her vaginal lips outlined obscenely by the brunette’s hand. Enraged by the look of satisfaction on Jessica’s face, Alicia slid her own stick of lipstick underneath her rival’s skirt, and soon both women were breathing raggedly, one hand each underneath the other’s skirt, tracing the contours of a rival cunt.

I'm more a lover than a fighter, but if this is how lesbians are going to settle their differences... oh well.. if they must. [ source] [ permalink >> ]

Lady In Red

This is the public teaser page for what is one of my favourite galleries on the web. And I've seen thousands.

In the memebrs section Anna applies red lipstick to her lips, then her nipples, she writes the world LUST across her torso and draws a heart around her navel.

Then she takes the lipstick and does her *other* lips, picture after picture of her painting them red, and finally writes 'Fuck me Big Papa' inside her legs.

Lighting's good, photo quality inside the members area is very good considering when this was shot. Nice use of color :-)


But this is just the free gallery. Still fun though :-) [ source] [ permalink >> ]

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