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Garrys Girls - Vixen in Seamed Stockings and Red Lipstick

From the description on Garry's site:
Vixen is posing on a sofa showing off her black fully fashioned stockings. She is also wearing a jacket and skirt with a white blouse underneath. The little minx forgot to wear any knickers but did remember to wear her 6 inch heels. Vixen finds some red lipstick to match her red seams and then applies it to her nipples and tiny pussy. Naughty but nice.
There are 235 photos in this update and the last one I have here is numbered 180, so I'm hoping it keeps getting hotter from there.  Having seen some of his other work, I'm confident it does.

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Sasha Love and Katie in Red

A few more from Sasha Love and Katie, shared at the lipstick fetish forum.  Always hot :-)

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Flickr - David Hamiltons Cunnilingus Coloring Book

An arty set by Flickr user Fox Harvard.  Due to the safe search feature you'll need to log in to see the set.  From the comments:
twostrikes2003 ...it's amazing that photogs aren't clued into this fact. When couples make out for long times, lipstick gets smeared all over the place, so the places where all the fun stuff happens...well it looks all red and swollen...this is a cool feature of the aftermath. That's how you know that they've been, uh, "doin' it" in some way. It's like, way cool, but rarely do you see it in media.
I agree.

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Sasha Love - Smoking with Katie

Sasha Love kindly sent in this preview of her member's area - she and Katie are having cigarette outdoors, wearing dramatic evening makeup with hot dark lipstick.  Katie flashes the cameraman.

Cute, no?  Click the thumbnails below to embiggen, and check out her site!
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Oliya Domination - Red Messy Lesbians

In this video from Oliya Domination two pretty blonde girls in red lipstick leave lip prints all over each other.  From the description:
Two hot blondes lick, suck and dildo fuck each other red-bright lipstick red kisses all over each others body, pussies, nipples, breasts and every other nook and cranny.
Sasha Love was kind enough to provide some caps:

To find the video, go to Oliya Domination and navigate to page 14, or search for 'lipstick'.  There are also two ten second flash previews you can watch here:

I don't usually recommend clips4sale stuff, but this is a pretty exceptional video.
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