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Tumblr - Stuff in My Vagina

Tumblr is growing on me.  Really it is, and it's encouraging to see kinky lipstick pics that lots of people 'like' and reblog.  As always I could do without the anal business, but I'm sure there's people who enjoy it, and those sweet red lips more than compensate :-)

Hooray for playful, adventurous bloggers trying anything once!
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NakedBy - Celine Lipstick Play

This is a short preview video of a model called Celine drawing swirling lipstick patterns on herself, starting from her nipple and working down.  It's lovely, like something Lady Lipstick would do:

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Observator on ImageFap

Regular readers may have noticed that Observator's site is no longer listed in the sidebar.  It seems to have died :-(  Fortunately, we can still enjoy his excellent taste in lipstick pictures over at his ImageFap galleries - 150 of them and counting.  A preview from Women in Lipstick IV:

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Tumblr - Cuteness and Lobster

Playful, sexy and deliberately strange.  If anyone knows where it's originally from, drop me a line in the comments :-)

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Sasha Love and Katie

A few hot pictures that Sasha was kind enough to share with us on the lipstick fetish forum.
I'm new to lipstick fetish so I can use some guidance as to what you guys think is HOT? Is female dominance or submission hotter? Is applying lipstick to my lips as hot as applying it from my lips by kissing a dildo or mirror? Are lipstick kisses left from my lips hotter on boys or girls? What would be the hottest lipstick scene you could script.

My adult site is: http://www.sashalove.com
my clips4sale site is: http://www.clips4sale.com/store/18208


my twitter is: @sashalovedotcom

I'm Sasha Love on facebook or I may be Sashalove where does it say?

So let her know :-)

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The web's longest running community of men and women who share a passion for the painted female mouth.

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The Magdalena's clip store. She is great with requests. Search for 'lipstick' to filter on topic.

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Clips from Oliya, Sasha Love, Katie. Search for 'lipstick', or skip to the end to find the good stuff.

A kindred spirit.

Glossy Shining Lips

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