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Felicity Fey - Deep Reds

I came across a Felicity Fey post on another board, the reds this girl wears are amazing:

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Marquis Models - Tiffany Toth

Too darn cute.

A little housekeeping: Have added a feature to exclude some posts from the RSS feed. This is to prevent reposts/off-topic stuff from being copied to the lipstickfetish.org boards. The aggregator is offline, and will stay that way for awhile while I figure out what to do with it. It was originally meant to gather updates from places where good content regularly turns up, but was quickly swamped with youtube videos, and spambots bumbling around the site constantly flip the on/off topic links. Will make something of it when inspiration strikes. [ source] [ permalink >> ]

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Andys Collection - Vitalia

Back once again after a long hiatus, and kicking it off with Vitalia; Model_O07 at Andy's collection. She's wearing a red jacket and sitting over a mirror which she uses to apply a bright red lipstick, first to her lips and then to her clit and labia. From the description:

She playfully masturbates with her lipstick. There are several shots of her large succulent puffy pink marshmallow nipples.

Though only the first few shots are visible this side of the paywall, I think you'll enjoy them :-)

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HOWTO save MMS streams NORSS

Thanks to doublefusion for recently posting some teasers to Jill Kelly's movie 'Lipstick Lingerie and Lesbians'. Some were wondering how to view/save the files, the easy way is with VLC (Video Lan Client - get it here). It's pretty excellent software, I recommend it for its own sake, and open source, no spyware or junk. Looks like so:

VLC Media Player

To watch a stream, select [File] and then [Open Network Stream]. In the http/../mms field, paste the mms URL you'd like to watch. Then OK... and you're done. To save a stream to a file, check the Save/Stream box in the dialog:

VLC Open Network Stream

You must also give it a file to save to, click [Settings] and name it some.wmv so that Windows Media Player (or whatever you use) knows to open it.

VLC Save Stream Dialog

When saving a stream you won't see playing it in the VLC window, but the progress bar will tick along so you know it's working. I generally get much better quality video this way than by streaming directly.

And finally... if you like the movie, buy it :-) [ source] [ permalink >> ]

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WYLH - The problem of Susan

'And I'll giggle as I'm about to come.
And then I'll sigh and close my eyes afterwards... with a smile of pure joy dawning all over my face.' - Lady Lipstick

WYLH - The Problem of Susan

Far as I'm concerned, Lady Lipstick's Blog Wet Your Lips Here is the sexiest point in all the blogosphere, falling exactly at the intersection of the sex and brain ley lines.

About this post: At the end of Narnia all the children die (in a trainwreck - hand of God - nice). But Susan also dies a spiritual death, and can't join the others in paradise. This is because of the sins of developing a sexuality (becoming interested in nylons and lipstick and invitations), she became a young woman and no longer had the purity of an innocent, virginal child.

Niel Gaiman wrote a short story about it, an interview with an adult Professor Susan Pevensie (which you can read on this Univerity of Berkley site - questionable copyright status, may disappear).

Lady Lipstick's Blog - Wet Your Lips Here
Related: New York Times - The Narnia Skirmishes
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