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Shadowdancer Photography

''Moments fleet, taste so sweet
Within the rapture;
When precious flesh is greedily consumed.''
Dan Fogelberg

Shadowdancer Photography - Lipstick App

Shadowdancer (Lucas Hopkins) does sensual nude and erotic photography, and its well worth a visit. [ source] [ permalink >> ]

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Upskirt The Movie

Looks like one to see...
Emma Grant - Upskirt the Movie - Pink Lipstick

From the Press Release (Official Website):
Julia, a forty-something madam, runs a fetish salon called “Fetish and Fantasy� in a Sydney town house. “Fetish and Fantasy� is a unique establishment, a no sex, no nudity salon; it is not a dungeon, and does not offer the usual S & M or B & D. It caters for niché fetishes: foot, shoe, latex, jean, uniform, pantyhose, lipstick, leg, wet shoes, washing hair, and upskirt.

When Sara, a struggling young actor fresh out of acting school starts working there she views the job as acting practice and blessed relief from waitressing. With the help of Julia’s loyal employee Cassandra, Sara learns the ropes, first with a “lipstick client� for whom she performs the application of lipstick, then for a “pantyhose client� for whom she models pantyhose, and then for a “shoe client� who worships her feet and shoes. Her initial reticence is soon replaced by the joy of role-play and her discovery of a potent new avenue for sexual power. [ source] [ permalink >> ]

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Back - Liz Vicious

Lipstickstories.com is dead. Long live Lipstickstories.com! We're back - with a brand new server. The previous one died. Dead. Like Bill Gates. Sorry about the extended outage. Plenty of great stuff has been going on in the meantime though, such as this app set by Liz Vicious hot off the aggregator:


Her site logo is a black lip print. Nice :-)

previously on the LFF
gallery archive at AskJolene
Liz Vicious in BRIGHT RED [ source] [ permalink >> ]

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A Brief Tour of Photosight.ru

Couple weeks ago Leopards00 posted a very sexy photo of a girl with smeared lipstick blowing a kiss over at the LFF. A brief tour of photosight.ru shows a trove of arty/softcore lipstick pics.

Google Search

Google search is for помада (pomáda), since it doesn't turn up Leopards00s pics, there may be more, tagged under synonyms/slang/brand/regional terms for lipstick. Anyone speak Russian? Alternative search terms most appreciated :-)


note: Photosight sometimes returns all-white pages, just refresh them till the content shows.

Glossy Red
Red App
Airbrushed Red
Retouch this!
Smear on Cigarette
Intense looking girl
Thick Red
Sparkling Gloss
Bright Pink, Glossy
Bright Red (several)
Orange Retouch
Smeared, dazed
B&W App
Red, underpainted
Forest nymph, smeared
Glossy Pink
Body Painting
Bright Red, summery
Girly Pink
Maria Lanika, Cherry
Airbrushed, Wet
Suggestive (retouch?)
Sexy as
Red, lingerie
Very phallic
Vampy App
Glossy neutral pink
Magazine Ad - Aleksandr Shevchenko
Retouched Retro

Thanks to Leopards00 :-) [ source] [ permalink >> ]

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Announcing the Lipstick Aggregator

This has been in development for awhile now, and with special thanks to Lady Lipstick, LL and Wolfboy it's ready to open.


Southern Charms: the aggregator can generate update notices from your Photo Updates page and add them to the feed. I'd love to help promote you, if you'd like to be included please drop me an email.


There are many places around the web where lipstick fetish content turns up now and again. The aggregator is an attempt to bring them all together on one page so it's easier to keep track. Currently watching six feeds, with more in the works.

Feeds are checked approximately once per day, which will move to a regular schedule when development is complete.

Currently watching:

Wet Your Lips Here
The Creamy Blog
AskJolene deep-search results for 'Lipstick' and 'Makeup'
PhotoSearch.com images tagged lipstick
iStockPhoto.com images tagged Lipstick
YouTube video tag RSS

Looking to add:
Many of our favorite Southern Charms
New matches to some Google queries
Some flickr groups
More lipstick fetish blogs!
(your idea here, email me)

Random thoughts and possibilities: may make the output available as RSS, clustered RSS (daily/weekly reports) that can be added to My Yahoo, personalised Google hompages, etc. Could make a box widget to plugin to other sites. Any cam chathosts who wish to promote their shows here are welcome to be included. May be possible to automate fetching of box cover images from AEBN to match to cavr.com reviews.

Not all YouTube users use tags, scraping the search to make a feed may be a better way to do it. In the meantime you can tag videos 'lipstick' to have them show up here.

Not planning to set up a rating system or comments, lipstickfetish.org is the place to share and talk about content that deserves more exposure.

You can make your own feed with the del.icio.us bookmarking service, a quick easy way to share content you enjoy (or your own content you'd like to promote) with the lipstick fetish crowd.

Moderating the feed
Everyone is welcome to help moderate the feed :-) Each entry has a [mark as off topic] link next to it to minimize that item, and a [mark as on topic] link to set it back again. Since the aggregator is automated and draws from many sources quite a bit of off-topic stuff is bound to turn up. Examples: 'Lipstick lesbian' and 'lipstick camera' TGP galleries with no actual lipstick involved, too-young kids in YouTube videos, etc.

Please use the off-topic links sparingly, if a link has legitimate content that has anything to do with lipstick or makeup then it's on topic. Gay, TV/TS, BBW or mature models don't appeal to everyone, they're still on topic. If there's no lipstick but the girl(s) involved are really, really hot then the gallery's probably worth keeping anyway. For the sake of good taste I'm going to set limits on:

(1) violent or misogynist content, I won't promote abuse of women on my site.

(2) illegal material, by which I mean kiddy porn, underage porn and bestiality. I doubt it's going to be a problem.

(3) non-nude subjects who appear under sixteen. Yes, I know, arbitrary age cutoffs are very dumb and a result of institutionalised religious mores that view sex as bad and women as property. But I think I have to have this one.

(4) chimpanzees wearing makeup. Don't want any of that.

I think that's pretty straightforward, if problems arise with censurious users or spam crawlers hitting the [off topic] / [on topic] links I may have to set up a registration system, hope not to.

Thnking about it, 'aggregator' is a bit of a sterile name. Best suggestion gets to rename it :-) [ source] [ permalink >> ]

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The web's longest running community of men and women who share a passion for the painted female mouth.

The makeup fetish subreddit.

Garrys Girls - Kinky British Girls

The Magdalena's clip store. She is great with requests. Search for 'lipstick' to filter on topic.

Odette's clip store. Search for 'lipstick' to filter on topic.

Clips from Oliya, Sasha Love, Katie. Search for 'lipstick', or skip to the end to find the good stuff.

A kindred spirit.

Glossy Shining Lips

Hypnotic Beauties

Lipstick Lust - Adam's lipstick fetish site.