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Lipstick Body Art, Dancing

Googling the phrase 'lipstick body art' turned up a Russian business called Golden Dolls, which sounds a bit like a retirement home to me but it's a strip club. From the menu:

lipstick body art and dancing

I've never seen 'lipstick body art' at a strip club before, I'm glad someone thought to offer it. The menu doesn't give any detail of what the dance entails, my guess is biased towards Lady Lipstick's sexy imaginings. 1000R is US $40 or so. I've also never seen an offer to have 'Your dance on the stage'. For only three grand I can get up on the strip-club catwalk and bust rad moves like Vanilla Ice in his movie, 'Cool as Ice' (Learn More). Thinking about it, it makes sense a manager would want me to cross his palm with rubles (like a bribe) before exposing his club patrons to that. [ source] [ permalink >> ]

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Searching Porn Libraries

And when you're out there, without care, yeah, I was out of touch. But it wasn't because I didn't know enough. And I'm back. The ever incredible Lady Lipstick has been posting away in the meantime, leaving me reeling and intoxicated as if I've had too much to think. And, now I'm here, I've been meaning to share a nifty Google technique for finding app clips and other lipstick content in porn movies.

I'll keep it as simple as possible, I hope it doesn't sound patronising, this is aimed at lipstick fetishists who are still in the foothills of internet knowledge. Right, so, there's between 350 and 450 million pornographic webpages. Wheeee! When guys first get online many try to visit them all in one sitting. Anyhoo, it quickly becomes clear that almost all tastes are catered to, and that quality is highly variable. Finding porn is trivial, finding exactly what you're looking for consistently is not so trivial if you're into a niche fetish.

Enter search engines. cavr.com is one of the oldest and largest databases of porn movie reviews, it's text heavy so details like a model applying lipstick before a scene are more likely to have been noted than on sites which focus more on the videos which can't be conveniently searched. Start by setting up your search engine:

(1) Sign Out of Google Mail, My Yahoo, etc. When you're signed in companies like Google and Yahoo save your searches against your account in order to 'enhance your online experience' (deliver ads), and occasionally this data gets out - case in point - and can be traced to you. So signing out helps keep your porn surfing discreet.

(2) Check your search engine is working with you and not against you. Go to the [preferences] bit and make sure it's not blocking pornographic content, which it does by default. Cast the net as wide as possible. This means using Google.com (world) and not Google.co.uk (local).

(3) If surfing porn from work or school (I'm not judging you, but I don't recommend it) connect to the net via a secure proxy that cannot be watched and logged by the guy in IT. I'd choose Relakks for technical and legal reasons. You don't want the whole office cracking wise about your most intimate desires, or having to explain to your boss why a stream of pictures of women with lipstick on their nipples is entering your workstation. A few anonymous Euros is a small price to pay to avoid that.

(4) Porn! To search cavr.com for lipstick (don't forget to try lip-stick and lipsticks as well), enter site:cavr.com lipstick into Google (or Yahoo, not so much MSN).

cavr lipstick

Voila! In the first five results we have two app scenes, including a 'Lipstick around pussy'. Sweet. Open the ones that interest you in a new tab (Firefox, IE) or browser window (old versions of IE) and have a read. Sound good?

(5) Get hold of the video. This is often cheap with all-you-can-eat rental services, but it's not instant gratification. There are some huge porn libraries online with most of the major titles ever produced which can be watched streaming. Like watching TV over the net. The real advantage to these services is that you can skip straight to the bit you are interested in, and not have to rent a 90 minute DVD to watch a 10 second app clip. I use AEBN, there are others, but many of the others are just AEBN rebranded with a smaller set of titles. Paying per minute is much cheaper than renting titles, because most of the content is usually not lipstick related.

If you don't have a credit card, don't want porn charges showing up on your statement, or live in a country where adult content is illegal (this site has visitors from Arab countries, Welcome!) you can sometimes pay by anonymous postal order, or skip the payment bit entirely by downloading a pirate copy off a P2P network. It's usually more convenient to pay a few cents to watch a scene streaming over AEBN than to wait six hours for the whole porno to download with eMule or BitTorrent, but there's never any reason to think your options are limited.

Emule has by far the widest selection of pirate porn available, but downloads can be slow to make a bunch of hard drive space and download several at once in a production line. Bittorrent has faster downloads, fewer titles, and content is generally more mainstream. I do not recommend Limewire, Kazaa or other Gnutella clients for this. Most will install spyware and adware on your computer, and the networks are old and suffer technical limitations, junk files, commercial crap and law enforcement. One cannot search the whole of a Gnutella network, only small sections, so while a file may exist on that network, unless it's close to you won't see it or be able to download it. I'll say it again: If you absolutely cannot legitimately obtain content, use Emule.

If you wish to keep prying eyes off you on peer-to-peer networks, your repressive governments' for instance, Relakks comes highly recommended, Swedish law is such that a subpoena aginst them is very difficult to execute for minor things like porn, and they don't listen to foreign authorities. I've never met an ISP so much on the side of its customers.

MORE: If you've found this useful, your homework is to use google to find more adult movie review sites using google. You'll turn up a lot of Max Hardcore movies, which are generally offensive. His misogyny is a turn-off, as is the way he abuses the girls. Filter your search like so:

site:cavr.com lipstick -'max hardcore' (in double quotes, not possible on this blog software)
[ source] [ permalink >> ]

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teasing 1

This series shows a pretty teenage girl (with pigtails, *sweet*) stripping out of a white top and thong, and playing with her makeup. She really is a tease; she's just posing with her lipstick, she doesn't apply it anywhere. May be a repost, if so, it's still worth a look :-) [ source] [ permalink >> ]

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What follows is the first part of a story I'm working on, inspired by Angel and Lady Lipstick's wonderful 'Project Of A Hundred Kisses', (click the title to view the full text):


Lady Lipstick and Angel step out into the warm evening of October 31st, Halloween 2006, just after sunset. Walking through the suburbs in the fading light they pass all manner of goblins and pirates, exited children hopped up on sugar, adults coming home for the evening, and other young people on their way to various parties. Angel's carrying a brown paper bag she reaches into it and throws a couple of candy bars to a pair of pint-sized witches across the street.

Angel and Ms Lipstick are wearing matching costumes, small black tops and skirts underneath open trench coats. Starting just above Lady Lipstick's black strappy shoes, the pattern of leopard spots, black kiss prints filled in with gold lipstick, covers her legs up her calves, over he knees and up over he thighs, disappearing under the skirt. The perfect kiss prints inside he thighs causing the viewer to wonder how much further up they go. The pattern continues above the hem of the skirt, over her shapely torso until disappearing again under her top, and reappearing with a few final splotches up her neck, drawing the eye upwards to her glittering gold lips and dark, beautiful eyes.

Angel's body is covered in a similar pattern, the spots very slightly larger, the only difference between the two costumes being Angel's lipstick, which is black, and she wears a crucifix around her neck where our Lady wears an ankh. A pair of sleek, wild cats out in the night, smiling mischievously at one another and playing with children on their way to Angel's digs party.

The party is already in full swing when they arrive, drawing happy glances and shouted greetings from friends as they walk into the living room. Two glasses of wine are quickly passed to them and they spend the first hour happily socializing with friends, and volunteering to make some punch when vodka arrives to spike it with. As they're pouring alcohol and cans of fruit into a glass salad bowl the kitchen door opens and one of Angel's digsmates bounces into the room, wrapped in a towel, her hair still dripping from the shower.

''Hey Allison!''

Lady Lipstick flashes her a smile, ''Here, taste this.'' Angel holds out a spoon. Allison bends slightly from the waist and wraps her lips around the mouthful of punch, then stands back a pace to get a better look at the two cats. ''Oh my God, that is so cute you two. Is that.. lipstick?'' she says, running her eyes over Lady Lipsticks midriff, lingering just that little bit longer taking in her supple, sexy form.

Allison's been in the house for a couple of weeks, she transferred from another university on the coast. At 22 she's slim, energetic, with more angles than curves and a girlish grace in her movements. She has green eyes and dark blond hair hanging wet around her face and over her shoulders. Apart from the towel the's wearing a pair of jangling charm bracelets, on of her right wrist and left ankle.. Lady Lipstick's never seen her without them.

''Angel'', she asks, ''Can you help me with my costume, I think the wardrobe people have sent me the wrong one.''

''Sure''. They leave the punch on a table in the corridor and follow Allison upstairs. Her bedroom is small and cozy, dominated by a double bed with black covers and two large bookshelves, overflowing with books and files. In the corner opposite the door is a basin and a full length mirror. A faery costume is spread out on the bed, rented from the drama department of a nearby university, and it's obviously several sizes too large.

Allison steps out of the towel and throws the costume over her head and Angel and Lady Lipstick set about bringing it in with safety pins. It's soon apparent the costume isn't going to work, every part of it is designed for a bigger person than the one in it and there's just too much fabric to tuck away. ''Meh'' Allison announces, lifting the costume over her head and wrapping the towel back around herself, dejected. ''So much for the faery outfit, any ideas?''.

Angel and Lady Lipstick shoot each other a meaningful glance. ''Do you have a black skirt'' asks Lady Lipstick. She nods. ''And a black tank top?'', Allison nods again, ''I have a black bra and a black net thing I can put over it'', she explains, ''You mean join in with you guys? You sure that's OK?''. ''Of course'', Lady Lipstick chides her. Angel holds out her hand, ''Here, pass the towel.'' She hands it to Angel, naked except for her charm bracelets, slightly abashed. ''Turn around,'' Angel instructs, wrapping the towel around Allison's hair and nudging her forward onto the bed. She lies down on top of the covers and Angel starts rubbing her hair dry. Lady lipstick sits on the end of the bed and then, looking for something to do, starts rubbing Allison's shoulders.

Allison is a little unsure, but quickly forgets to be as she drifts into the sensation of Lady Lipstick's skilled hands rubbing down her back. Allison closes her eyes and presses her face into the pillows. After a few minutes Angel finishes with the towel and grabs a hair dryer from the dresser. It sets up a low drone that surrounds the three of them on the bed. Both of the leopard girls have by now kicked off their shoes and with Allison's hair dry Angel lets the warm air from the dryer play around Lady Lipstick's hand as she kneads the firm muscles of Allison's lower back and legs, working down to Allison's feet.

When Angel finally turned off the hair dryer Allison rolled over and shot Lady Lipstick a happy, blissful smile. A tube of black lipstick appeared by magic and Lady lipstick set about neatly rubbing off her own color and applying a thick coat of black, then passing the tube back to Angel. ''So how does the spots thing work?'' asked Allison. The leopards faced each other on either site of the bed, each taking one of Allison's ankles in both hands. ''Like this.'' said Lady lipstick, kissing the ankle and leaving a perfect black print. And another. And another, with Angel doing the same on the other side.

Allison lay naked on her back, still in a light, happy daze from the massage, legs slightly apart as Angel and Lady Lipstick kissed up towards her knees, taking turns to reapply the lipstick to keep the prints dark. She wore her body completely hairless below the neck.

Her breathing became slower and deeper as she felt their lips kissing up towards her thighs, the girls leaving prints in rows from the outside of her legs, up over the front and down into her thighs, pulling her legs slightly more apart on each row kisses to make space for their lips to reach.

Allison’s lips, clean and soft from the shower, began to warm and swell as the girls moved further and further up her inner thigh. As Lady Lipstick paused to apply another coat she noticed a slight glistening at their base. Allison’s eyes were closed and her breathing was deep and slow. Lady Lipstick smiled quietly to herself, giving Angel a quick peck on the lips as she came up for another coat. The tow gazed into each others eyes for a second then bent back down to kiss Allison, both now inches from her warm, soft lips.

As they reached the top of her legs both girls kissed teasingly around the edges of Allison’s sex, almost touching it, but not quite, with Angel letting her hair fall over the lips, then tenderly bushing it off with her finger. Allison didn’t move.

Lady lipstick slid up the bed, up to Allison’s breasts, letting her hand slide between Allison’s legs as she bent forward to leave a print around her nipple. She was warm to the touch. She took a sudden deep breath as Lady Lipstick’s fingers brushed over her lips, her legs spreading very slightly wider.

Angel kissed the other nipple, and began to kiss upwards to Allison’s neck as Lady Lipstick worked back down the torso, more quickly now, eager to start filling in the gold. Angel finished first, after she laid the last black ring she ran her left hand through Allison’s hair. Allison opened her eyes slightly, and the met with Angel’s. Angel glanced quickly at Allison’s lips then back to her eyes, and kissed her.

The two girls made out eagerly, hungrily, their bodies held slightly apart to as not to smudge the black prints.

When Lady Lipstick finished she slid her hand into the space between them as the kissed, and lazily tracing her finger down Allison’s body between the lip prints, curving around them like a slalom skier. She did a few slow victory laps around Allison’s warm, pink flower before stroking up and down the outer lips. Allison moaned quietly as she kissed Angel. Lady Lipstick moved inward, making smaller and smaller circles around
Allison’s clit before caressing it.

She stopped suddenly, and took Allison’s hand from where it was on Angel’s back and passed it between the two girls, sliding it under Angel’s skirt. Neither Angel nor Lady Lipstick were wearing anything under their skirts. Allison’s hand touched Angels warmth just as Lady Lipstick deftly retrieved a gold tube.

They had purposely swapped them before setting out so they would need each other anytime they touched up their lips. Lady Lipstick took one corner of Allison’s towel and ran it under the hot tap in the basin, wrung it out, and retuned to the bed. She gently wiped the juices from Allison’s lips with the towel and dried them again, blowing on
them to get the last of the moisture off. She then removed the cap from the gold tube and
kneeled between Allison’s legs. Her pussy was soon a shimmering gold.

Lady Lipstick reached for Angel’s free hand and guided it to Allison’s pussy, smearing the color on Angel’s fingertips, and then inside the black spots, and then more on Angel’s fingertips. Over and over, with Lady Lipstick repainting the color on Allison’s clit as Angel rubbed it off to color the spots, each touch pushing Allison towards climax. When all the spots were filled in Angel and Lady Lipstick lay on either side of Allison and brought her over the edge to a shuddering, gasping orgasm, arching her back and taking sharp, deep breaths to avoid screaming out as waves of sexual pleasure rocked through her body.

They lay uietly together on the bed for sometime afterwards, holding hands and contemplating what had just happened. Finally Allison say up, turned to the others and said ''Shall we?''. A few minutes later Allison’s bedroom door creaked open and three Leopards strode out in matching black outfits.
[ source] [ permalink >> ]

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Bambi - Red

Meanwhile, back in the world of mainstream pornstars - young, beautiful, blonde, airbrushed and called Bambi. Here's a set that's red. And glossy. Very red and glossy. Oh my...

bambi 01
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