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Fetish Community Sites

The Lipstick Fetish Forum
Where to begin.... [ more >> ]

... is a *huge* blogging community [ more >> ]

Wet Your Lips Here
Blog of the wonderful, ravishing, sublime, radiant, graceful, delightful, gorgeous, captivating Lady Lipstick. (hint: go here) [ more >> ]

Lipstick Lust
Adam`s lipstick site. Sexy closeups of familiar faces. [ more >> ]

A pillar of the Lipstick Fetish community, way back to Bianca days.
[ more >> ]

Tumblr is a social network for sharing images. [ more >> ]

A gallery hosting site for social networking and porn. [ more >> ]

Clips4sale is an adult content marketplace where many amateurs and pro-ams sell lipstick fetish videos. [ more >> ]

Amateur Sites

Tanya Tarasof is a Russian amateur witha cute, babyish face and short dark hair. I`ve not joined this site so I dont know much more about her, I`m tempted to because she looks *exactly* like a girl I had a crush on in high school. *sigh*

Update: Seems to have gone offline as of 2011.
[ more >> ]


Your prom date wouldn`t do it. Your college girlfriend wouldn`t do it either, But Anna Wood... This is one smoking hot blonde doing kinky things. [ more >> ]

A beautiful teen starlet, comparable to Josie Model. Usually seem wearing something tasteful complemented by pink or red lipstick. When I am a millionaire.... To find more of her galleries, try this search on AskJolene.com [ more >> ]

Her First Lesbian Sex
I`ve not joined this site but I sure enjoy their TGP galleries :-) [ more >> ]

Crazy Babe
Bob Coulter is one of my favorite photographers and CrazyBabe.com is his porn site. She shoots quirky, arty, fun alt girls in softcore and lesbian sets.  And occasionally it involves lipstick :-) [ more >> ]

First Time Video Girls
First time video girls.com, have been producing a lot of great material lately. [ more >> ]

Sasha Love
A paysite featuring beautiful Russian model Sasha Love and her friends.
[ more >> ]

NakedBy is an arty sex and beauty porn magazine.  And they do creative things with lipstick sometimes :-) [ more >> ]

Garrys Girls
A British site featuring amateur and older models as well as young hotties.  It has some of the best and most explicit lipstick fetish content on the net. [ more >> ]

Lelu Love
Lelu runs one of the most progressive paysites I've seen, she does regular cam shows, takes requests and really engages with her members.  Recommended. [ more >> ]

Story Sites

If you know any more about this writer, or where to find more of his work, drop me a line :-) [ more >> ]


Seems to be some sort of webcam community place. Don`t really know anything about this site, but they sure can throw a party :-) [ more >> ]

Video sharing site... [ more >> ]

Content Producers

Digital Playground is a production production company working with the brilliant director `Celeste`. Beautiful girls, excellent production values. They do very nice work. [ more >> ]

Virtual Makeover

The website of the cosmetics company, this is a great site for finding pictures of well made-up models, their virtual makeover is fun too. [ more >> ]

The web's longest running community of men and women who share a passion for the painted female mouth.

The makeup fetish subreddit.

Garrys Girls - Kinky British Girls

The Magdalena's clip store. She is great with requests. Search for 'lipstick' to filter on topic.

Odette's clip store. Search for 'lipstick' to filter on topic.

Clips from Oliya, Sasha Love, Katie. Search for 'lipstick', or skip to the end to find the good stuff.

A kindred spirit.

Glossy Shining Lips

Hypnotic Beauties

Lipstick Lust - Adam's lipstick fetish site.