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wet your lips *here*

Source: http://www.wylh.blogspot.com/

I believe Alanis Morisette put it best when she said 'spank me with the splintered ruler'. Holy Sweet Jumping Benji Lady Lipstick turns me on. Starting at the very beginning... (its a very good place to start). What I like about this blog:

(1) It's sincere and beautiful in its intent. There's lots of porn on the net made for, well, selling porn. Performers are paid to play to a market and titillate us with their zesty dramatic fake orgasms and larger-than-life anatomy. Kinda like circus clowns for big people. Don't get me wrong, I like porn very much, even mainstream porn. This, however is something very special. Its made for *her*, and we're lucky enough see that. It's someones fantasy, which also happens to be mine, and that is very rare.

(2) I like her taste, and her sexy brain.

(3) It's sexy, as well as pornographic. Eroticism isn't just whipping out a pair of breasts and jiggling them around (not to discourage anyone from doing so of course). Eroticism is the glimpse you catch of the skin between the top of black stockings and the bottom of the red dress.

What turns us on is not what we preceive, but our response to it. The thoughts inside our heads that push dizzying, electrifying hormones into our blood to be pumped around by racing heartbeats. Lady Lipstick makes me have sexy thoughts. Right from her first post she's suggestive, captivating, spinning exactly the kinds of sexy thoughts I like to have.

In her first post (link) she announces she's starting a fetish blog and shows us her sexy lips with a worn coat of red lipstick and says to watch this space to see the ''other things'' she gets up at night. How did she wear out her lipstick, what other things? Fantasies start to be spun.

Her second post ends:

Guess what y'all, playing and learning is fun again for this kinky kitten. You're welcome to enjoy the ride with me... Till next time, here's 2 pics of something I find *particularly* titillating... the trace of lipsticked lips on naked lady-flesh...

Coming soon: Lipstick traces from the *other* lips ;-)

Holy crap, this is the real thing. That fantasy I was daydreaming? Reality might slap me with it.

Imagine you're back in school, daydreaming about your hot English teacher, your hardon pressed up in your little school shorts under the desk. Suppose that as you were doing that she actually walks up to you and whispers in your ear, her soft red lips brushing your earlobe: 'meet me here after school, I want you so much'. That's a comparable moment.

And it's still suspense, promise, and I am having very sexy thoughts about this kitten, and two pictures to them.

(4) It's playful and sexy And there’s a lot of lipstick on her nipples (hot!) and drawn into a vine spiraling up her torso from… oh wow. What I just said about eroticism? Yeah.


I’m going to entertain these sexy thoughts for awhile. We'll continue this.

source: http://www.wylh.blogspot.com/

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Wet Your Lips Here

Blog of the wonderful, ravishing, sublime, radiant, graceful, delightful, gorgeous, captivating Lady Lipstick. (hint: go here)

link: http://wylh.blogspot.com/


wet your lips *here*

I believe Alanis Morisette put it best when she said 'spank me with the splintered ruler'. Holy Sweet Jumping Benji Lady Lipstick turns me on. Starting at the very beginning... (its a very good place to start). What I like about this blog:(1) It's sincere and beautiful in its intent. There's lot... [ read more >> ]


Lady Lipstick - lip prints

Lady Lipstick, lying naked on a bed. Her sexy lithe body covered all over in kiss marks in 13 different shades. Backstory? Hmmm... I can see her teaching a class of schoolgirls. Worn, dark wooden desks and chairs. Clean prim school uniforms pressed into them by thirteen warm little bottoms. He... [ read more >> ]


wylh - Gilding the Lily

The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy defines the phrase ''gilding the lily'':To adorn unnecessarily something that is already beautiful or perfectTo me, thats the perfect way to describe the sexy-as-all-hell closeups of her body art Lady Lipstick posted recently on her blog. Pure, wanton indugen... [ read more >> ]


wylh - Freedom

Freedom is a breathtakingly sexy photset by Lady Lipstick. Freedom riding on wings of butterflies. Sexuality, fagile, beautiful. And just.. playful, flirty. Wow. She's a girlRising from a shellRunning to spring....She's a rose in a lily's cloakShe can hide her charmsIt is her right there will ... [ read more >> ]



What follows is the first part of a story I'm working on, inspired by Angel and Lady Lipstick's wonderful 'Project Of A Hundred Kisses', (click the title to view the full text): Lady Lipstick and Angel step out into the warm evening of October 31st, Halloween 2006, just after sunset. Walking throu... [ read more >> ]

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